Thyme Honey

Thyme honey has an open amber colour, intense taste and a distinct rich flavour. It has plenty of restorative and antiseptic properties, great nutritional value and is rich in minerals such as copper and iron. In Greece thyme honey is considered one of the most popular and dear varieties of honey. Our thyme honey is collected on the famous tourist destination which is Parga near Preveza. Crystallization: 6-18months

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Oak Honey

The oak honey is considered to be the black gold.It has got dark black colour and special,rich and full taste. It has a great number of antioxidant properties, and contains in large quantities potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and sodium. It is refreshing, beneficial to the heart due to the high level of potassium it includes.Oak honey helps digestion and shields the immune system. It is collected in the mountains of Grevena Crystallization 1 year

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Red Fir Honey

A rare but extremely tasty honey, not particularly sweet with red color and dense texture. It is a treasure for the human body, as it shields the immune system, is anti-inflammatory and rich in metals and trace elements. Collection: In the dense fir forest of Epirus. Crystallization: Does not crystallize.

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Heather Honey

Heather honey is characterized by its orange-red colour and its full slightly sweet taste.It has cream texture. It is the best bee feeding plant, so it makes it a true elixir of longevity and well-being. Thanks to the minerals, amino acids, enzymes and B vitamins it contains, it has a high amount of antioxidant and anti - inflammatory properties. Our heather honey is collected on the famous tourist destination which is Parga near Preveza Crystalization: 1 -3 months

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Orange Blossom Honey

Orange honey is characterized by its light yellow colour and its floral aroma that it looks like orange. It is rich in minerals and vitamin C and antioxidant with calming and relaxing effects. Our honey is collected on the numerous of orange groves of Epirus. Crystalization: 3 months

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Arbutus Honey

A special honey with a strong but pleasant aroma. its color is dark brown and its taste surprises you because of an unusual bitter taste, which fascinates you as soon as it passes  Rich in vitamins and trace elements. It helps in good blood circulation and in its purification as well as in the regulation of cholesterol. Because of its low rate of glucose and fructose it is suitable for those who are diabetic type B but also those who are on a diet. Collection: In the mountains of Epirus. Crystallization: One month.

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Pine Honey

Pine honey has a slightly red dark colour. Woody,slightly caramelized flavor with a malty,spicy aromaIt is rich in phenols and trace elements such as calcium and magnesium, has antibacterial action against microorganisms and strengthens the body's defenses due to its powerful antioxidant elements. It is collected all along Monolithis' beach near to Preveza. Crystalization: 12-18 months

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Wild Flowers Honey

Its collection of various varieties of plants and wild flowers, often herbs, makes it one of the best Greek honeys. Soft and mild taste, with distinctive and light aroma, ideal for use in various beverages. It contains trace elements, helping the proper functioning of metabolism and generally of the human body. Collection: From various flowers of Epirus Crystallization: 3 months or more.

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Pollen is one of the most complete superfoods in nature. Rich in protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. It has antimicrobial action, strengthens the immune system, builds muscles, helps boost testosterone and mental function. Ideal for consumption as such in yogurt, cereals, honey or dissolved in liquid (water, milk, chamomile). Dose: Children: 1/2 teaspoon a day in the first week and then gradually increase to 1/2 tablespoon. Adults: 1 teaspoon a day in the first week and then gradually increase to 1 tablespoon. Athletes: Up to 100g a day .One dose 60 minutes before exercise and another dose within 20 minutes of completion.

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Propolis 10ml

Due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is indicated for: Respiratory system, flu, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, hypertension, arthritis, hemorrhoids, malignant tumors, hepatitis B, prostatitis, caries, reduces inflammation and the risk of thrombosis, prevents cardiovascular disease, cancer and reduces bad cholesterol but also gingivitis, gastric disorders. The extract of propolis, , drastically fights ulcers whether they are gastric or duodenum, not only relieving pain but also favoring the healing process. In external application it treats deep pyodermitis, skin fungal infections, dothines, as well as esthres, which develop in people who remain bedridy for long periods of time. Also with local application, favors a short healing of wounds. Propolis acts as a bactericidal agent in all pathogenic staphylocides, even those that are resistant to antibiotics. USES: Used in two ways: orally or for external use. FROM THE MOUTH: For oral treatment it is recommended to start with small doses (drops) dissolved in liquids, mixed with water or fruit juice. DOSAGE (according to doctor's instructions or as below): Children: · 2 drops three times on the 1st day, before each meal. · Four drops three times a day. · 5 drops three times a day on the 3rd day Adults: 20 drops three times a day. OUTDOORS: Propolis tincture for topical use should be applied directly to the skin, two to three times a day.

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Lip Balm 4ml

Lip Balm Vasiliko Meli keeps lips hydrated for 24 hours. The natural beeswax in combination with the aroma of strawberry will give your lips the shine and hydration you need. You can use it all day even as a hydration base before your favorite lipstick.

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Beeswax Cream 30ml.

Beeswax helps heal wounds, burn, cracked lips and heels, irritations especially in babies, herpes and facial hydration.You can apply on your skin or face whenever you want during the day.

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    Vasiliko Meli  is collected on Epirus