Gavriella Mari

Sales Manager

Andreas Andreou


Why Vasiliko Meli?

Our journey starts in 2011...

Our first bees in a small apiary in Petra Prevezis got us thinking. Over the years, the love for bees has grown more and more and after learning about the world of bees, we have only to start a long journey with them. 

Our goals are large, many productive beehives, many varieties of honey and other beehive products in order to cover every consumer's need. Nomadic beekeeping is something fantastic. New places, new adventures, new trips... So beautiful that they relax you especially when your efforts are flooded with honey. 

But something was missing.......A brand name!!!

We didn't have to think about it a lot.

(yes that's it.... Vasiliko Meli!)  Quality, Prestige,  Lυxury. The three words that describe our honey.

Discover and taste our honey...

Our work needed a name!

We didn't have to think about it much.

(yes that's it.... Vasiliko Meli!) A honey that shows kyros, polytelia and its power with a word Vasiliko Meli

Taste it and you'll understand!

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